Become a Master. Be richer in every way and impact the world with true knowledge and practical wisdom!

20 years of experience combined into a 100-hour program to mentor people dedicated to higher standards of conscious living. Specifically designed for coaches who thrives for excellence, desire to become the leaders in their field and are ready to embrace a life of authentic wealth in every dimensions.

Say YES to Higher-Consciousness Coaching and Mentoring Excellence!

Imagine a program that offers you the methodology to guide yourself and others to the source of the true being. Beyond their belief system, beyond their emotional patterns, beyond their physical limitations...

100 hours of intensive intuitive coaching & mindful mentorship

CATALYST: A person that precipitates an event. 

If you are a coach who wants to build a successful coaching business and support your calling in helping/guiding others while living your own fullfilled and abundant life...

If you are an individual, passionate about conscious lifestyle, holistic healing, mind, body, soul system, higher-knowledge, mindfulness practices and human ascension...

then this program was designed for you!

Be part of THIS successful and exquisite tribe! Say YES and you will have chosen to belong to a group of evolved coaches dedicated to support life at the source! This means that you are consciously choosing a coaching style that is an expression of your personal truth, your individual vision and your uniqueness.


We thrive on unconditional love and individual self-expression. We focus on greatness and inner-potential. We value personal truth and soulful collaboration. We knows how to create profound transformations from the inside-out and we live by the principles we teach.

What will you discover, learn, understand and master...


The trainee will discover the laws that govern the spiritual (energetic) reality and that also apply to the physical reality in the manifestation process. The trainee will learn the mechanics of the creative process and the correlation between the unseen and the seen, the known and the unknown the above and the below. 

(Single package value $5 000)


Trainees will deepen their understanding about the metaphysical structure of the creative process by connecting the theory and the practice. This module focuses on developing a strong foundation and bringing clarity between universal abstract concepts and the practice of a conscious lifestyle.

(Single package value $5 000)


The trainee will create his own personal toolbox to conscious lifestyle by discovering practical ways to experience mindfulness in his/her life. This focus is meant to empower the coach to dive into his/her own creative potential to enable essential evolution to happen from within. 

(Single package value $5 000)


This module offers ways to open the trainee’s mind to ways of healing one’s life with the power of intuitive strategies, observation and perceptions. The purpose is to teach the trainee how to use the power of self-awareness, discernment and personal sense of purpose.

(Single package value $5 000)


Trainees will learn to self-evaluate, establish a daily routine for self-awareness and mindfulness and will create their personal strategy to implement a conscious lifestyle that fits their personal vision, individual needs and life requirements.

(Single package value $5 000)


This module is an add-on to the original curriculum. It offers the marketing practices, ideas and supports I have been using for the past 10 years and have created a foundation to my business success.

(Single package value $3500)

How is it organized?

This Conscious Catalyst Intensive Program represents one of the most innovative holistic approach to self-awareness, self-discovery and self-realization. Whether you wish to better understand yourself, personally, or deepen your knowledge about higher-consciousness principles and manifestation process, for your professional practices, this program is designed to support your mind, body and soul in greater conscious-living lifesytle.

The Conscious Catalyst Intensive Program is offered twice a year. The Fall Program begins in October and the Spring Program begins in March (exact dates TBD). 

It is a full higher-consciousness coaching program established upon 20 years of Conscious Calalyst experiences and written and delivered by Aline Hanle.

To ensure the quality of the teaching and the success of concepts integration, each program offers 10 seats only.

Each participant commits to a personal 10-month long theoretical and practical journey into consciousness as well as a collective experience of support, sharing and collaboration. 

Group Conference Sessions: These sessions focus on higher-consciousness theories and universal principles teachings. They are delivered each Tuesday of each week. These virtual-supported classes offer the foundational and intellectual understanding of life. These group sessions are 2.5 hours each for the 10-month duration of the program. 

Individual Weekly Calls: Each week, each participant has a 75-minute personal call with Aline during which Aline and the participant assess knowledge acquisition, concepts integration and active on-going conscious living practices. These calls are essential for the participant to establish and fine-tune his/her personal roadmap to success and represent a way for Aline to best help the student with building his/her unique strategy to self-actualization.

Material and Reading Support: Each participant will be given all Conscious Catalyst proprietary material prior to the group sessions. A list of books and videos will be suggested as add-on explorative materials.

Graduation Ceremony: Each participant will receive a Conscious Catalyst Diploma that certifies the completion of the totality of the program. A weekend-retreat is organized in Austin to celebrate this occasion in August for the Fall Program and in January for the spring program.


Program Cost: $9,995 (value $28500)

  (Payment plan option: $1 000 Deposit + 12 payments of $750)

No prior training pre-requisite required.

Acceptance upon live interview with Aline.

Every group and individual calls are made via Zoom platform. (free)

Unlimited email and text access for a full year.