Intuition & Soul Alignment Retreat

Immerse in Essential Light

Bathe in Energy Healing

Shift into 5D Frequency

Learn how to cultivate your sense of presence and lightness with this 7 day-immersion in the spiritual greenery of La Confiance retreat center in La Dordogne.

Specifically designed to support your wholeness and help you attune to your heart, this experience will offer you all the love and wisdom to develop your intuition, trust your inner-voice and build your confidence

June 10-17, 2023

French Retreat - June 2023

Retreat Location: "La Confiance" Maison de Charme et "dépendance" in PLAZAC

La Confiance

La Confiance, meaning "Confidence" , is the name of the house. Sitting on four acres, it was built in 1821, and is comprised of four buildings, centered around a natural courtyard. It maintains it's old world charm, but has been fully remodeled with modern amenities. It has fabulous views and is just a few minutes away from many touristic attractions.

On Demand Service

Your comfort and well being will be attended to by Aline and local French artisans, providing regional fresh food cooked on site, as well as coordinating local site visits to fantastic local restaurants.


Located in la Valley of the Dordogne, the rural surrounding is quiet and peaceful. The region is the historic medieval center of France, known to be the "land of 1000 castles," with well preserved historic cultural sites and French gardens. The city of Sarlat la Caneda is one of the most well known of these sites, with the old city serving as one of the best preserved cities from the14th century.

Food and Wine

The Perigord Noir's best known attractions are its food and its fresh markets. Sharing food and tasting regional specialties while eating healthy and essentially are just two of the built-in fun characteristics of this retreat! Immediately to the west is the wine region of Bordeaux. No French experience is complete without wine!


The property is compromised of five queen bedrooms, each with a bathroom. There are numerous indoor and outdoor living spaces, making for ample opportunity for enjoying time both in private and group settings.

Free Wifi

Free WiFi is available throughout the main house.


Relax by our 16 meter saltwater pool, whilst admiring the natural green hills of the Vezere Valley. This is sure to take your breath away. 

Your Retreat, Your Experience

Intuition . Wisdom . Sound Bath . Energy Healing . Mindfulness . Integrative Living

Intuition & Receptivity

French Essential Living

Sound Healing & Soul Alignment

There lies within ourselves, an inner-guidance system that is available to help us face all situations that arise in our life.

This inner-guidance is safe, supportive, nurturing, exact and personal. It requires awareness and practice and offers us the most palpable path to self-confidence, abundance and joyful living.

This week-long French experience will provide daily practices to fine-tune the silent communication between your higher self and your conscious mind so that you can trust yourself more and embrace life with the daring choices you need to make to take yourself to the next level.

France is most famous for its essential art of living and this is for a reason.

It has mastered this expression through hundreds and hundreds of years of dedicated attention to the delicacy of nourishment, a true sense of being and an intentional desire to find pleasure in the simplest things.

By design, this is what you will find in the heart of La Dordogne region where the experience takes place You will be discovering and exploring the most fabulous places where your heart will open effortlessly and where your mind will capture the most memorable moments to bottle up as treasures to share for the future YOU.

Soul Alignment and Intuitive development requires a natural opening of our senses, a focus on receptivity and an essential sense of feeling safe in our body and mind.

The sound healing experiences and unique guided meditations in which your being will be immersed will provide themes powerful support to facility these preparations so that you can more easily discern your inner-voice messages and follow the guidance she shares.

The gentle and soothing sound baths you will be regularly experiencing, will simultaneously activate your sensorial system and your mental acuity facilitating your body-mind-spirit alignment



There is at the center of our self, a quiet voice, a powerful force, a tranquil master that awaits our curiosity.

It awaits for the yearning signs of a most needed transformation ready to emerge from beneath the surface of our identity, our labels, our comfort.

sFor those who get the chance to open their heart to the magic that moves all, the soul greets them with love, abundance and joy.

This retreat is a gift designed for you who feel ready. It demands nothing more yet nothing less than your full commitment to following your heart where truth leads.

 Meet Your Host

Aline Hanle, Your Host

Aline Hanle is a soul strategist, a spiritual guide and a mindfulness teacher. She has spent 25 years of her life deciphering the language of her soul, shifting her entire reality from victimhood consciousness to a joy-based perceptive one and has led many on their path to conscious lifestyle.  

She owns Conscious Catalyst, a life coaching company that offers a series of proprietary tools and experiences that help identify and re-activate one’s potential and facilitate and integrate one’s individual evolution.  

Aline’s programs, modalities, workshops and retreats have contributed in transforming hundreds of lives and getting consciousness closer to a higher-frequency reality where the heart and mind can collaborate in harmony. 

Her latest work is focused on facilitating individual conscious evolution from a 3D reality-simulation (Material world of fear) towards a 5D reality-oneness (Dimensional Harmonic Experience). Aline teaches in English and French. 

She is certified Flower Essence and Sound Healing and Sound Bath practitioner. Aline is also the creator & designer of The Cosmic Compass Experience.

Dedicated to provide the best in Conscious Lifestyle strategies, Aline's motto is: "we re always at the right place, right time, doing the right thing and being the right one".


Region of the Dordogne

The Hidden Gem in the Heart of France