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An Intuitive Immersion

Imagine yourself transported back in a time where the bridge between Heaven and Earth was most seen in the essential beauty of nature, the simplicity of life and the grandiosity of timeless architectural wonders. This is where I will take you for a week , this July, and this is where you will explore your essential intuitive nature and encounter the mystical aspect of your being.

July 16-23, 2022


Retreat Locations: "La Confiance" Maison de Charme et "Chateau Héloïse in PLAZAC

La Confiance

La Confiance, meaning "Confidence" , is the name of the house. Sitting on four acres, it was built in 1821, and is comprised of four buildings, centered around a natural courtyard. It maintains it's old world charm, but has been fully remodeled with modern amenities. It has fabulous views and is just a few minutes away from many touristic attractions.

On Demand Service

Your comfort and well being will be attended to by Aline and local French artisans, providing regional fresh food cooked on site, as well as coordinating local site visits to fantastic local restaurants.


Located in la Valley of the Dordogne, the rural surrounding is quiet and peaceful. The region is the historic medieval center of France, known to be the "land of 1000 castles," with well preserved historic cultural sites and French gardens. The city of Sarlat la Caneda is one of the most well known of these sites, with the old city serving as one of the best preserved cities from the14th century.

Food and Wine

The Perigord Noir's best known attractions are its food and its fresh markets. Sharing food and tasting regional specialties while eating healthy and essentially are just two of the built-in fun characteristics of this retreat! Immediately to the west is the wine region of Bordeaux. No French experience is complete without wine!


The property is compromised of five queen bedrooms, each with a bathroom. There are numerous indoor and outdoor living spaces, making for ample opportunity for enjoying time both in private and group settings.

Free Wifi

Free WiFi is available throughout the main house.


Relax by our 16 meter saltwater pool, whilst admiring the natural green hills of the Vezere Valley. This is sure to take your breath away. 

Your Retreat, Your Experience

Intuition . Psychic Skills Development . Wisdom . Mystical Energy . Organic Lifestyle

Connect with Spirit Guides

Supernatural Experiments

Meet The Mystic Within

An exclusive program designed to help you connect with your intuitive nature.

Our greatest connection can be most felt in the wilderness that surrounds us. We do not always take the time to emerge our being in forest bathing. This week-long retreat will offer many opportunities to encounter the uncharted territories of your own being starting with walks in the forest located right behind your lodging.

Filled with outstanding experiences around the Perigord Noir, this retreat offers you side trips to witness the most breathtaking views, discover historical treasures, and unearth the simple life of a culturally-rich region established in the heart of rural France.

This retreat will allow you to discover what is the nature of consciousness and the relationship between mind and matter. You will be coming with curiosity and leave filled with wonders, memories of a lifetime and a conscious way back to your sense of home.

The purpose of your week is to help you find your soul’s purpose. To learn in a safe environment with like-minded how to identify different energies through consciousness training using multiple activities like the Cosmic Compass game developed by Aline, and a diverse set of exercises and experiments led by Mary.

To really give you the full experience we will have real-life exploration with on-site paranormal investigations in haunted locations. The locations we’ve chosen date back hundreds of years and involve fascinating ghost lore like Le Dame Blanche, the White Witch. The life of Thérèse de Saint-Clar who was imprisoned in the north tower of the castle by her husband. When she died, she did not leave the castle room, because her body was immured there and she haunts the castle to this day. Learn to develop you intuition and control and identify different consciousness energies, along you’re your won soul’s energy and purpose. 

The Dali Lama has stated he believes there is a connection between quantum physics and spirituality. Spirituality involves the recognition of a feeling or sense or belief that there is something greater than myself, something more to being human than sensory experience, and that the greater whole of which we are part is cosmic or divine in nature. 

Using practical tools such as the Pendulum, Dowsing Rods and connecting with nature energies source, psychometry, remote viewing, Mind-eyes experiment and the SB7 (ITC) Experiment, we will all give ourselves many opportunities to explore the mystical nature of life, starting from our own being.

The goal of this guided self-discovery is for you to learn and examine your intuitive abilities by examining the intricacies of what different energies feel like so that you may learn to easily identify them and thus discover the purpose and place for your soul.

 Meet Your Host & Guest Co-Host

Aline Hanle, Your Host

Aline Hanle is a soul strategist, a spiritual guide and a mindfulness teacher. She has spent 25 years of her life deciphering the language of her soul, shifting her entire reality from victimhood consciousness to a joy-based perceptive one and has led many on their path to conscious lifestyle.  

She owns Conscious Catalyst, a life coaching company that offers a series of proprietary tools and experiences that help identify and re-activate one’s potential and facilitate and integrate one’s individual evolution.  

Aline’s programs, modalities, workshops and retreats have contributed in transforming hundreds of lives and getting consciousness closer to a higher-frequency reality where the heart and mind can collaborate in harmony. 

Her latest work is focused on facilitating individual conscious evolution from a 3D reality-simulation (Material world of fear) towards a 5D reality-oneness (Dimensional Harmonic Experience). Aline teaches in English and French. 

Dedicated to provide the best in Conscious Lifestyle strategies, Aline's motto is: "we re always at the right place, right time, doing the right thing and being the right one".

Mary Marshall, Guest Co-Host

Mary Marshall is a collegiate paranormal educator, investigator, and researcher. She is a renowned psychic medium, author, lecturer, and parapsychology enthusiast with over 25 years’ experience. She said: "..there is a universal consciousness that is quantumly entangled..."

​"... much of what is considered paranormal phenomenon doesn't have one cause. There is often multiple causes. Science is key to understanding, this includes theoretical physics, cultural anthropology. and others. There is a connectedness between all the fields of study that one should use to discern the what, how, and why, There is a Paranormal Entanglement"

​" bringing in things like neuroscience, and physics and quantum is really an imp
ortant part, an emerging part of the paranormal field..."

- Mary Marshall, Lecture

More about Mary


Region of the Dordogne

The Hidden Gem in the Heart of France

Information and Logistics

Where is Plazac? 

Located in the heart of France, Plazac is about 6 hrs south of Paris and 2.5 hours East of Bordeaux. Bordeaux has an international airport and 2 hours north of Toulouse . Toulouse also has an international airport.

Plazac, France

Bordeaux - Plazac

Toulouse - Plazac


  • The cost for the retreat $1895 based on shared rooms and $2995 for single (Only 3 single rooms available - first come first serve)
  • If you have any questions regarding travel, booking, transport or other logistics, please reach out directly to Aline at
  • If you have questions regarding the retreat experience, please reach out to Aline by phone at 512.547.7851.
  • This Retreat will be shared in multiple languages: English, French and Italian.