Mazatlan - Mexico

Cultivating Soulful Artistry

February 15-18, 2024

You are the artist . Trust her wild side . Follow her voice

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The Mazatlan Experience 


This 4-day/3-night experience offers a unique space to rekindle the artistic nature that moves our being and supports our most passionate life. Understanding the different archetypes of the Divine Feminine and learning how to use them adequately is essential to anyone seeking true harmony, effortless aliveness and soul-driven purpose. This event is designed to help you reconnect with the Artist Archetype and the Mother Archetype, 2 of the 4 qualities within the Divine Feminine energy.

  • The Artist Archetype

It is The Passionate quality within the Divine Feminine aspect of our being. This aspect holds creativity and limitlessness. It sparks genius and sharpens self-expression in uniqueness. The Artist is all about connection with oneness from where it fuels its uniqueness. It is the energy of endless search for inner exploration. It is creative, fearless and unique. 

  • The Mother Archetype

It is The Nurturer quality within the Divine Feminine aspect of our being. It is kind, understanding and compassionate. It holds the “unconditionality” element of Universal Love. The Mother vibrates acceptance, presence, openness, patience and ultimate receptivity. From these spaces, kindness, understanding, compassion and trust experienced. 

Spectacular private Estrella del Mar Oceanfront Estate overlooks the 3.5 mile stretch of pristine beach front along the Sea of Cortez.


Surrounded by 816 acres of lush tropical landscaping, and only 10 minutes from the Mazatlán International Airport.

Private retreat with limited spaces to facilitate nurturing, shifts and transformation. For women seeking authentic soulful connections.

Mindful Guidance

Guided by experts and in the spirit of true holistic well-being, this immersive weekend focuses on wholeness and deep healing.

Local Food Delight
All meals prepared with organic local ingredients and made on site by a local retreat staff. It mixes traditional, essential & nourishing.

Immersive Healing
Emotional release, mindset shifts, reflexology, Cosmic Compass©, Soul Strategy Guidance, Intuitive Blueprint©, therapeutic massages

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Who is guiding? 

"The Art of Healing Can Be Found in the Heart of Those who Guide from Their Soul..."

Lee Smith 

Certified Feminine Power

Transformational Coach and Facilitator

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Aline Hanle 

Soul Strategist + Spiritual Guide + International Retreat Host

What To Expect?

Suzie Nixon  

Founder of Harmonic Structure + Wholistic Coaching, Reflexology, and Biofield Healing

Emotional Release

Therapeutic process that aims to release and resolve unresolved emotional experiences stored in the body.

Quantum Energetic

Quantum Energetic Energy work by Jo Dunning. Alternative Healing Modality which we will practice in a group setting.

Cosmic Compass© Experience

Soul guidance facilitated by a board game format medium to experience absolute self-awareness & self-realizations.

Healing Circle

Group session with soul guidance prompts to safely connect the heart and the mind and experience openness & acceptance.


Therapy that involves applying pressure to specific points on the feet, hands, or ears to promote relaxation & well-being.

Healing Art

Explore your Artist Archetype with all environmental elements while activating joy to rekindle your creative power.

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What's the Itinerary?*


Gathering, Rooting, Connecting

5.00pm - "Meet The Artist" Gathering

6.30Pm - Dinner

8.00pm - Grounding Ceremony


Exploring, Activating, Expanding

Morning Session - 2/4 Archetypes of the Divine Feminine - The Artist + The Mother

Afternoon Session - Quantum Energetic Group Session &

Evening Session - Grounding Ceremony


Processing, Creating, Integrating

Morning Session - Somatic Journey on the Beach

Afternoon Session - CC Experience + Emotional Release + Reflexology + Massage

Evening Session - Water & Fire Ceremony


Honoring, Sharing, Envisioning

8.00am - Walking Heart & Soul Meditation on the Beach

9.30am - Gratitude & "What's next" Breakfast

1.00pm - Departure

* Participants will receive the complete itinerary once registered.

Logistics & Information

All inclusive retreat (except airfare)


  • Airport transfers
  • Meals
  • All experiences


  • Travel insurance
  • Personal on-site Massage
  • Extra reflexology & Emotional release sessions

Single Room (5 en-suite rooms)

Early Bird Special w/lodging


(before Oct. 15, 2023)

Full rate w/lodging


(After Oct. 15, 2023)

Shared Room (1 room/2 people)

Early Bird Special w/lodging


(before Oct. 15, 2023)

Full rate w/lodging


(before Oct. 15, 2023)

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Reviews from Our Community 

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ About Lee Smith

-Nancy Fredrickson - Ventura College

Lee has been a guest speaker for the past 4 ½ years in my holistic health classes here at Ventura College.  It has been  so incredible for my students to experience Deep Emotional Release Bodywork first hand.  The feedback from students is amazing and many have made appointments with her for therapy sessions and have shared that experience with the class.   Lee is an energetic  presenter who is fun, honest and very approachable!  My students love her and are amazed at her work and how beneficial  it is.  Deep Emotional Release Bodywork should be tried by all and Lee is the best!!

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ About Aline Hanle

David Weber Asheville

I received so much more than I initially expected from playing the Cosmic Compass game with Aline. Even though I think she's one of the most awesome coaches/guides I've ever met, my expectations were still fully exceeded. Wow. You really have to experience it to get it. During our session, I was speechless when I saw the answers to my question. The precision of guidance I received from the way all the elements of the game factored in was unlike anything I'd ever experienced. I'm very familiar with tarot, numerology, & many other forms of divination for personal insight, but the wellspring of wisdom that this game birthed from is something unique & special unto itself. I believe this game is a gift to humanity, intelligently designed to help us come to know our Selves more deeply, grow more quickly, & accelerate our personal & collective evolution.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ About Suzie Nixon

-Patricia P. - France

As a healer, I was introduced to Suzie during a retreat in France and was needed some support with my anxiety. I had a reflexology and energy healing session with her and experienced a tremendous shift within myself as a result. I was left, lighter, feeling unburdened and open to new possibilities. I strongly recommend working with Suzie who represents the merging of the heart and the mind in one healer!

As a facilitator, she enlivens the capacity and vision for meaningful processes and outcomes, collaboration, and self-actualization.

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