Purpose Resonance 3 sessions

Anytime the ego-mind disconnects from its higher guidance, it manifests situations that bring feelings of inadequacy, confusion, lack of purpose and meaninglessness. This 30-min. session focuses on reestablishing a conscious connection between your lower self and your higher self. It helps with cosmic/Earth balance, greater purpose and clarity of mind. 

Peace & Harmony Resonance 3 sessions

Duality invites opposites to face one another and explore their difference. Until reconciliation is reached, the mind keeps experiencing anger, frustration, fear, impatience, etc... These 20-minute sessions concentrate the creative energy into the anchoring of unity, oneness and dissolution of oppositions. It supports a healthy mindset founded in acceptance of what is and surrender of expectations and assumptions. It helps facilitate relaxation, spaciousness renewed focus and blissful stillness.

Joy & Love Resonance 5 sessions

Love is all there is. Love is what we are made of. When we separate ourselves from our regenerative nature, we distance ourselves from the essential energetic nutrient that ensures regeneration. As a result, we limit our evolution and our capacity to transform. These 30-minute sessions help you consciously reconnect with the energies of compassion, kindness and unconditional love so that you reactivate your cosmic memory and spark a firework of nurturing waves within your being. You are left with a sense of deep gratitude, and renewed possibilities of expanded inner-worth and true self-confidence. 

Higher-Self Connection. Higher-Self Perspective. Reconnection to Inner-Truth and Inner-Authority. 

Surrender, Accceptance, Faith, Self-Trust and Harmonic Duality

Self-Love, Love, Unconditional Love, Gratitude, Confidence

Practical Information: Each session is done remotely. The principle of oneness (through the energetic field) creates a bridge between all beings. The energetic realignment and healing occur within the field, source of our physical reality. 

We set up a 15-minute call and set a focus-intention for the session. Following this call, find a quiet place where you won't be disturbed for the duration of the energetic download. Have a journal ready by your side (in which you will have clearly written the intention for the session) and a glass of water. Make sure to be hydrated and comfortable in your clothing. Sit or lie down. Trust your body. Close your eyes and focus your awareness as instructed during the call. 

Once the time of your session is up. Open your eyes, drink some water and begin to journal your experience. Share this experience as well as questions regarding the session to aline@alinehanle.com.