V.I.P. Soul Mentorship

The Soul Mentorship is the ultimate Coaching Program. As a follow on to Aline's three or six month programs or a stand-alone program for highly motivated and prepared individuals, it is a program that is capable of addressing problems in all areas of your life, business, or spiritual journey. It is a unique curriculum, filled with proprietary tools, higher consciousness content, and higher self strategies. We will explore the most attuned way for your soul and your conscious mind to coexist, co-create, and unite as your dream team. You will become a Conscious Catalyst and manifest your life from your truth using the laws and principles of oneness.

Purpose: Mastery of "Living at the Source"

Model: 12 months of 60-75 minute weekly sessions and a Soul Consciousness Retreat in France

The Catalyst Soul Program offers:


  • A comprehensive curriculum (over 100 hours) to reach vertical alignment 
  • Universal principles and higher consciousness perception
  • Decoding the individual signature of your light language


  • Fine-tuned resonance to absolute personal truth
  • Conscious re-attunement to source
  • Intuitive skills development practice


  • 5D-perceptive reality mastery
  • Soul blueprint integration
  • Living one's truth 

V.I.P. Invitation to Cosmic Compass© Signature events

The Catalyst Soul Program delivers:

  • ESSENTIAL EQUILIBRIUM: Balancing the divine masculine and divine feminine aspects of duality in all life's dimensions
  • CLARITY: Providing a soul-driven road map designed to align your mindset with your highest frequency lifestyle
  • EFFORTLESSNESS: Giving essential practical tools and processes that facilitate one’s individual growth and serve global evolution
  • ABUNDANCE: Recalibrating vision and action from systematically greater perceptions
  • CONNECTION to SOUL TRIBE: Connecting beings through soul qualities and heart alignment
  • CREATIVITY: Accessing ultimate source creativity from inner-genius and uniqueness
  • INNER-PEACE: Achieving altered states of being for centeredness and harmonic convergence

You Will Never Be the Same

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