"As an entrepreneur, I'm always looking for innovative ways to transform my life and get my big vision created. Aline is a part modern mystic wrapped in an intuitive guide glossed with a French Twist. She is intriguing, alive and surprisingly insightful. Working with Aline is an awakening experience for more clarity and insights." - Yanik Silver, MaverickMBA.com

Evolved ENTREPRENEURS, Next-generation LEADERS and Life-affirming SEEKERS

Are you ready to master your life?

 (and letting go of everything that keeps burdening your mind ?)

Thursday, October 3 - Sunday, October 6


Exclusive 4-day / 3-night Retreat

Invest in your true mastery and access inner-strength, limitless creativity, peace of mind and self-confidence...

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World class coaching is something rare, original and that isn’t only designed, but more so crafted. This craftmanship requires sharp and unique tools and years of dedicated practice and proven results. These tools and this wisdom can be yours.  

When I say world class coaching, I don’t mean coaching your success, your business or even managing your dramas. I mean mentoring your genius. I mean transforming not only the surface of your being but the core of your entire reality...


Read this...

  • The knowledge that powerful influencers have acquired is power. They know when, where and exactly how to use it to benefit their entire lifestyle not just their business. 
  • Everyone needs new perspectives to keep their business and life moving forward.
  • The best entrepreneurs understand that connections established amongst great minds always benefit the short and long term strategy of their business.
  • Performant business owners realize that they do not know what they do not know and that having peers to share ideas is essential.
  • Innovative tools and different approaches are a MUST-HAVE in a competitive environment. They, actually, set you apart from the mass and makes you more visible. 

"Had probably the most amazing 1 hour conversation last Friday with Aline Hanle. Not many courses, books, or people have changed the trajectory of my life. Definitely none have done it in such a short time (63 minutes). I recommend all of our Body Solutions Inc. clients look into getting a consultation with Aline for clarity into your soul, happiness, being." - Steve Young - CEO - Body Solutions Inc.

You think you already understand your life?

“It is when you think you begin to understand life that life challenges you with your understanding.” -Aline Hanle

The human mind is a labyrinth of intelligence lost in a maze of thoughts. When we identify the matrix of the labyrinth, and the point of convergence for the thoughts we can purposely navigate through the power of our core where destiny awaits.

This is WHY it matters to say YES to this retreat because you are saying YES to INNER-CLARITY!

INNER-CLARITY is the ability to perceive the greater picture inside of us so that we can project it all around us. As a result we free our mind from inessential thoughts, we easily govern our emotional stress, we effortlessly access our genius at will and we systematically manifest from simplicity, inner-strength and purpose. 


"Good leaders are wonderful but great leaders are extraordinary. They effortlessly feel a deep sense of aliveness, contentment and essential joy. This is TRUE PRESENCE. This is not an intrinsic aspect of their personality, this is a learned and applicable wisdom projected in all aspects of their life."

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The ones who qualify are the ones who are willing to practice...

To know that you are destined to be great, think great and do great is either a blessing or a curse. We all are blessed or cursed. The choice pertains not to what was given to us but how we choose to handle it. To reconnect your mind with this genius is to be given a glimpse into immortality. I know how to access it.  

I am not here to babysit you, do things for you or even be impressed by you. I am here to spark the next possibility of you. Greater, simpler, fuller, and deeper. I believe in you and your ability to influence the next generation of lovers of life. I trust your capacity to open, listen, receive and embrace more than your capacity to fight, push and resist.  

Less than a few qualifies. Not because of a lack of intellectual capacities nor lack of financial resources but more so lack of human potential and soulful connection. What I am offering lies beyond the known, in the unfathomable. View it as the Holy Grail of your mind. Perceive it as the very thing you’ve awaken to, every single morning. What I deliver is YOU at the source.

You qualifies if deep down... 

—> You’re living the dream”... but not actually living it…  

—> Everything that got you this far is no longer working, and won’t allow you to scale.  

—> You’ve built up a fortress of success that braces your life, but isn’t about who you really are or what your really want  

—> You’ve gotten in your own way BECAUSE you have achieved so much.  

—> The line between you and your business has blurred (Who owns who?)  

—> The more you chase success, the more the goal keeps morphing… and somehow happiness isn’t even part of the equation.  



Wimberley, TX

Nestled into one of the prettiest spots in all of Texas, Wimberley sits on prime Hill Country terrain where Cypress Creek meets the Blanco River. It's home to towering cypress trees and spring wildflowers and the kinds of artsy, outdoorsy, adventurous people who are drawn to such a place. Although, the Wimberley offers a real "back-to-source", experience, it also has a real entrepreneurial spirit which makes it the perfect vibe for an entrepreneur mindset reset!



Mastery-builder Retreat with a view...

Luxury Cabin Lifestyle

Time to get back to the source! Where else could you do it other than in a wild-wild-west cabin structure redesigned around a sanctuary-like feel? 

Modern and Timeless

Renovated with a focus for details, this place has all the modern essentials at disposition combined with the peaceful surrounding of the best of texan natural landscapes 


 Vesper View and the Wimberley valley offers the perfect space for the mindfulness theme of this retreat: Hikes, lounging, pit fire gathering, swimming!  

Meals and Food

The retreat has its own private chef who will ensure gourmet meals for everyone with a specila focus of local organic ingredients and high-nutritional quality food.

Relaxation & Healing

Massage, acupuncture, energy alignment, sacro-cranial therapy are available on-demand! Set your preferred service, day and time and renew your body from the inside-out!

Body & Mind

Meditations will be offered at the beginning of each day to help us reset our mindset anchor our breaths within our body and align our energy with our focus.

Where is Wimberley exactly?


Earl Bird Special: $1995 (before August 15th)

Full Price: $2595 (after August 15th)

4 days of Powerful Group Mentoring and 1:1 Accountability and Strategy Sessions 

Unlimited Email Access to Lead Facilitator before, during and after the event to facilitate integration 

Accommodation in an inspiring and relaxing gateway in the Texas Hill Countryside

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner Prepared with Local Organic Food and Crafted by Private Chef 

Alcohool and Non-Alcohol Beverages and throughout-the-day Healthy Snacks and Bites

Pick-up and drop off from the airport

What do people say about Aline?

"Once you meet Aline, The Catalyst, your life will never be quite the same again. After our first session, I felt as if I was literally “buzzing” with energy. It was as if I had been sleepwalking my way through life and Aline helped me awaken to what was important to me, and to step-by-step shed what was holding me back. I instantly felt like an enhanced version of myself, and more at peace in my decisions. " - Maria Carter - Ranchepreneur Extraordinaire – Austin, Texas 

"As a 30 year veteran of leading several successful international businesses, I thought I had a good grasp on creativity, innovation and fast moving change management. To my surprise and good fortune, Aline and her methodologies have shown me that there are deeper levels of insight, untapped sources of ideas, reliable stores of wisdom and a whole host of groups and individuals who are willing to collaborate to help each other create the changes and results they want and need in their lives and businesses." - Leon Maynard. President, International Economic Summit Institute. 

"The Costa Rica Retreat with Aline Hanle was a life-changer. I've been making the shift in my life from DOING to BEING over the last several years, but Aline helped solidify and deepen that shift for me with the information that she presented, and the experiences she created. She is right to call herself a conscious catalyst. A catalyst is a substance that increases the rate of a chemical reaction. If you're reading this, you're ready for her. I encourage you to say Yes! "- Lisa Hallee - Former Athlete Diver UT Team and Cosmic Compass Facilitator