May 20-22, 2022


The Intelligent Heart

  • Expand your heart capacity
  • Grow centeredness
  • Establish nurturing boundaries
  • Empower your Soulful Leadership

$850 (based on shared rooms)





WIMBERLEY Texas Hill Country, TX

Expand Your Heart Capacity

The heart is the space that is capable of welcoming more power. The mind is limited by nature. Our capacity to love and feel loved can only be harnessed once we have grounded our heart in stillness, expanded it with self-trust and strengthen it with inner-peace.

  • Target Your Love Challenge
  • Build Your Heart Blueprint
  • Design Your Soul Love Communication
  • Experience your Heart Expansion

Welcome on the Sacred Carter's Land

When Love is held in the heart of the Beholder, all that he/she touches becomes an expression of it. Once again, we will have access to two magical spaces filled with wonders, riches and the most essential beauty hosting can offer. Maria Carter, Ranchepreneur Extraordinaire, has designed her houses from her heart and through her vision of conscious community, sharing and nurturing. At the first step you'll walk in her sanctuary, you will be transformed by the energy of the land.

YOUR EXPERIENCE: Heart Space, Soulful Connection, Expansiveness


Friday, May 20th


Saturday, May 21st


Sunday, May 22nd


The heart is intelligent by design. Our nature is to effortlessly transform the creative energy that moves through it from its most subtle into densest form and from the total imperceptible into the visible. The heart within each of us is a location. The love within all of us is the memory that lives there

  • Discerning Romantic Vs. Divine Love
  • Awakening your Love Potential
  • Embodying Love in our Cellular body


What is the nature of the Divine Feminine? How can you harness its power and create limitlessly, manifest greatly and experience purposefully? Explore the possibilities of moving your awareness with intention from your heart and without resistance. Learn to recognize the wisdom the queen, your soul.

  • Intuitive explorations
  • Personalized Soul Guidance
  • Soul Strategic methodology


Transforming the world around us first means elevating the frequency within us. When we collaborate from the heart, we simply elevate as a whole. We will experience a collective heart meditation and feel into the potential for the individual to heal the whole and for the whole to support the individual.

  • Healing Heart Meditative Guidance
  • As Above So Below Protocol
  • Design Your Love Activated Paradigm

Your Weekend Retreat Features


Explore the Conscious Catalyst Guidance and quench the thirst of your soulful appetite!


Ground your mind, anchor your spirit and move your body with the daily yoga practice!


Nurture with nature! All meals are organic, vegetarian with a light protein option!


Rejuvenate in the healing arms of nature on sacred grounds through walks, meditations and true essential bliss .


2 Houses filled with comfort, 1 experience full of Love

Picturesque 10 Acre Hill Country Escape - designed to be a magical gathering place great for large families and groups.

Wimberley valley lodges owners have put careful thought into making the entire space an inspiring and relaxed environment for retreats, team building, and important work and community collaborations.

For those looking to host a smaller group size but with ample space and provisions - the Lodge offers room to host a signature retreat with more space and bedroom sleeping options.

A few of our top features include a shaded pool, hot tub, alongside indoor and outdoor games for fun, then relax fireside in our Adirondack chairs or take one of the outdoor blankets to watch a sunset by the pond. We have ample dining spaces for everyone to have a seat at the table.

WVL is remote enough but close to all the conveniences of this bustling artistic town.

Meet your guide

Aline Hanle

Aline Hanle is a soul strategist, a spiritual guide and a mindfulness teacher. She has spent 25 years of her life deciphering the language of her soul, shifting her entire reality from victimhood consciousness to a joy-based perceptive one and has led many on their path to conscious lifestyle.  

She owns Conscious Catalyst, a life coaching company that offers a series of proprietary tools and experiences that help identify and re-activate one’s potential and facilitate and integrate one’s individual evolution.  

Aline’s programs, modalities, workshops and retreats have contributed in transforming hundreds of lives and getting consciousness closer to a higher-frequency reality where the heart and mind can collaborate in harmony. 

Her latest work is focused on facilitating individual conscious evolution from a 3D reality-simulation (Material world of fear) towards a 5D reality-oneness (Dimensional Harmonic Experience). Aline teaches in English and French. 

Dedicated to provide the best in Conscious Lifestyle strategies, Aline's motto is: "we re always at the right place, right time, doing the right thing and being the right one".


"Today is day three after coming back from the Costa Rica Blue spirit retreat with Aline Hanle. I am still overwhelmed not only by the immense amount of simple but mind-blowing information Aline shared with us, but also with Aline’s fascinating personality.. I can wholeheartedly recommend Aline to anyone who is seeking for an authentic spiritual guide. Her compassion, wisdom and intelligence are unique in its form and paired with her loving personality one can only feel safe in her company." - A. G. Miami

"Had probably the most amazing 1 hour conversation last Friday with Aline Hanle. Not many courses, books, or people have changed the trajectory of my life. Definitely none have done it in such a short time (63 minutes)." - Steve Young - CEO - Body Solutions Inc.

"Come to explore your body, mind and soul. This journey will help you see the clarity of your path and assure you that your heart is always right because it moves your whole being with love and compassion." - Sylvia Earl Austin TX

"Aline and her methodologies have shown me that there are deeper levels of insight, untapped sources of ideas, reliable stores of wisdom and a whole host of groups and individuals who are willing to collaborate to help each other create the changes and results they want and need in their lives and businesses." - Leon Maynard. President, International Economic Summit Institute.